Why is Lasso AI Interview an Indispensable System in the Insurance, Real Estates and Manufacturing Industries?

Despite Having Video Conferencing Products, why is Lasso AI Interview still an Indispensable System in the Insurance, Real Estates and Manufacturing Industries?

AI interview systems are not just a video conference space, but also a tool that can complete “mass recruitment” and “precision talent selection”. Since the pandemic COVID-19 has not yet come to an end and in addition to the large demand for recruitment in industries such as insurance, real estate, manufacturing. MAYO has acknowledged this situation and created Lasso AI interview system to solve this issue. On the whole, recruitment must be efficient and accurate, and it needs to be precise enough in order to build your growing team!

The Dilemma of Mass Recruitment

Tens of thousands of labor forces continuously enter the labor market during universities’ graduation season. For corporate internal recruiters, large numbers of recruitment work must rely on manual working, which leads to inaccurate and inefficient recruiting dilemmas.

Generally speaking, the discussions on social media platforms not only allow individuals to realize that the time and effort of corporate HRs are impossible for job applicants to notice, also, it is even easier to bring negative comments and misunderstandings toward the recruitment departments. Therefore, particular business types such as financial insurance, real estate agencies, manufacturing production lines, service industry, and part-time workers that require large numbers of recruitments each year are all wondering whether there is a better solution to this difficulty?

How Does the AI Interview System Solve the Problem?

Although some companies use more employees for interviews, the effectiveness and accuracy are usually inadequate. In addition, now that the issue of pandemic COVID-19 and the fact that physical interviews are unfeasible, corporate HRs can only send video conference invitations one by one in order to complete the interview process. This method can neither achieve the effect of large-scale recruitment, nor can it make accurate talents selections.

Employing AI interview system is the way to solve this issue, according to “Remote interview system is more than just a space for video conferences!”, a good remote interview is not only a geographical solution (to avoid the risk of close-range infection), but also to make good use of the characteristics of long-distance interview, in order to better grasp the behaviors of potential applicants, and achieve accurate selections.

Lasso is able to complete mass recruitment and precision talent selection

What are the options in the market?

There are currently several choices in the market, such as Lasso AI interview system from MAYO, HireVue from the United States and DEEPROVE from China. If you consider information security, Lasso will be your best choice as MAYO has obtained the ISO 27001 international security certification.

Now, let’s briefly explain how the Lasso AI interview system can achieve “mass recruitment” and “precision talent selection” simultaneously. Prior to the first face-to-face interview, Lasso allows recruiters to complete the question designs, batch interview arrangements, accurate scorings, and authority management along the way. This comprehensive process aids the corporates HRs in achieving a large number of accurate recruitment while being efficient and objective.

Lasso Multi-functional system ensures effective and objective talent selections

In addition, we also recommend that the company’s human resources can use LinkedIn’s corporate solutions to work with the Lasso AI interview system. After mastering talent trends from the LinkedIn backend and establishing a database of potential talents, Lasso completes the situation of batch invitation interviews.

MAYO fully meets the various needs of human resources

After accumulating decades of professional human resources experience, MAYO has developed the Apollo Cloud Human Resources System and STAYFUN Employee Welfare Integration Platform, and now, we have launched a new product Lasso AI Video Interview again! In addition, we have joined forces with LinkedIn to help companies achieve precise and mass recruitment easily with efficiency, so you will no longer be subjected to geographical and time constraints!

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